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About GrapheneTX

GrapheneTX is a startup company spun off from the University of Texas at Dallas and officially registered in Texas in 2021. The company won a runner-up award in 2022 in the category of research commercialization in the BIG IDEA Competition run by the University. The company offers specialized nanocarbon materials and now plans to offer low-cost carbon fibers with patented technologies. Lightweight EVs will use the products, wind turbine blades, tires, and paints to improve product performance and potentially lower the cost of the products made with our products.

The Company: About Us


Looking Towards the Future

  • Want to be a customer-focused new carbon technology-driven company seeking a better life through better materials and processes.

  • Supply high-performance nano-structural functionalized graphene and carbon nanotubes products for the reduction of cost as well as the performance improvement of polymer composites, engineering plastics, rubbers, and paints

  • Develop a low-cost melt-spinnable polymer precursor for low-cost carbon fiber production and eventually supply a system of the graphene, the CNT products, and carbon fibers with a composite curing process software.

  • Facilitate the US carbon fiber industry to recapture the leading role in carbon fiber and carbon  fiber composite industry in the world.

The Company: About Us


  • Become a profitable company in 2025 with $10mm gross revenue with 40% EBITA

  • Expand the business globally by 2024

  • Practice ESG

  • Provide the best working environment to the employees

  • Create best values for employees and shareholder

The Company: About Us
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